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Scottish Widows Bank

Scottish Widows Bank Offset Facility

Scottish Widows Bank Specialises in offering innovative mortgage solutions for clients looking for flexible mortgages.
Professional clients can borrow up to 90% LTV and their Flexible Mortgage allows borrowing up to 85% LTV. Their offsetting facility is available at no additional charge and is now more flexible than ever.

By Linking a savings account to your clients mortgage acount, they'll not earn any interest on their savings but they'll not be charged any interest on that same amount of money on their mortgage. Clients can enjoy the benefit of reducing their monthly mortgage payment or reducing their mortgage term.

With the option to switch up to four times per year, between reducing their mortgage term or reducing their monthly mortgage payments it gives clients even more flexibility, control and allows them to manage their mortgage in a way which suits them and their mortgage could be paid off sooner and save them thousands of pounds in mortgage interest.

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