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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need life assurance to get a mortgage?

The simple answer is no but we would suggest it always be considered. If the worst was to happen how would your spouse, children or family manage? Could they maintain their lifestyle? Would you want to leave a mortgage debt behind? What about security for your children? Covering every eventuality is paramount with OPS so although a life policy is not required for a mortgage, ask us for a personalised life quote to see what it takes to provide that security when your gone.

I am a smoker, will this affect me?

Unfortunately smokers are deemed by all life providers to be a higher risk. We all know what effects smoking can lead to so with this in mind you will pay slightly more for any cover required than a non smoker.

I have an existing medical condition - can I get cover?

As all our policies are assessed on an individual basis, we can have a medical underwriter review your case to see if cover can be provided. If you are maybe not clear as to the extent or medical terminology of your condition, a General Practitioners Report can be requested from your doctor and depending on your condition, a decision can be determined from this.

How much cover and how long do I need cover for?

This is entirely up to you! We can arrange the cover and term to suit your needs whether you want a policy to run the same term as your mortgage or you want to be insured for more than your liabilities thus leaving a lump sum for family protection upon your death.

What happens if I can't work due to illness?

All our life providers have the option to include Waiver of Premium. This effectively means that if you are off work for a specified deferred period as laid out in your plan, that provider will keep paying your policy premiums until you are deemed fit to work again. OPS would always recommend this option be included in any policy and the cost is quite minimal.

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