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Life Assurance

Life assurance can give you peace of mind that should the worst happen, a lump sum of money will be left to your beneficiaries. Many people will arrange life assurance that will cover their mortgage, therefore your family will not have to worry about outstanding debt in the event of your death. However, additional cover for family protection is also available for those who would wish to leave a lump sum behind for their loved ones.

Other features include:

  • Every case individually assessed
  • Level or decreasing lump sum policies
  • Payment cover for sickness
  • Index linked benefits (optional)
  • Monthly or annual premiums
  • Guaranteed or reviewable rates available


Non Smoker
D.O.B: 13/06/1977

£250,000 x 25 years =£13.53

Non Smoker
D.O.B: 29/09/1977

£250,000 x 25 years = £9.94





OPS can arrange cover tailored to your needs and can choose between 5 of the leading insurers in the UK. With our advice and guidance, you can feel at peace that you have your loved ones future in safe hands. Contact Us now for your personalised quotation.

*Quotes are based on guaranteed index linked lump sum policies with waiver of premium from Bright Grey - prices correct on 16/10/2009